1) The city is expensive: Whenever people ask me I always say “I just moved back to the city two weeks ago” as if I was here already. Let’s be clear I lived in the Bronx, not Manhattan. The difference is about $2-$5 which might not seem like a lot, but let me break this down.

  • Pasta in the Bronx- 29 cents
  • Manhattan- $3.99
  • Ramen in the Bronx- 99 cents
  • Manhattan- $2.39
  • Cheese in the Bronx- $1.99
  • Manhattan- $5.00

So on and so forth. Now I remember why I used to never go to the city in the first place. I could go literally weeks in the Bronx living off of $15. Screw Manhattan and their $11 drinks, I miss the Bronx.

2) There are some real weirdos here: Everyone always says that New York is an eclectic city, people come here to make their dreams come true, it’s a mixing bowl, and that it is. The pickup lines I heard in the Bronx were ridiculous but the ones here are truly absurd, they take it to a new level. Not just that but the things I’ve seen people wear? Like who told you a suit and hiking boots match? Please if you know you’re going to be on the subway during peak hours take a shower and for everyone’s sake paint your toenails before you throw on a pair of flip-flops.

3) Tourists are annoying: I’m from D.C. so I’m used to tourists but these people are just fucking annoying.

4) Food is everywhere:  Within 5 minutes of my apartment there is a Cucina Liberta, Subway, PJ Clarkes, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar, Uno’s, Rise, several liquor stores, a Domino’s, grills and various deli’s and yes all of them deliver. Good thing too because I am literally always hungry. You never realize how much walking you do in this city and just how much energy it takes just to pick up a simple roll of toilet paper. Also I literally can’t walk 3 feet without being engulfed by the smell of roasted nuts- nuts 4 nuts…I hate you.

5) I miss my car: Yes I hate driving, I hate traffic but I miss my car. I couldn’t move my first 4 days here because I was so sore. All this walking is not for me. My back hurt, the legs hurt, my butt hurt, my eyes hurt (the air is not the cleanest), I was a mess. At this rate I’ll be purchasing a new pair of shoes every 5 months.I don’t hate it.


Yes this is only 5 things but I can’t think of anymore. I’m happy to be living here but in all seriousness I do need a job.




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