I was going to write a review about boyfriends, or relationships, both of which I haven’t had but I decided to focus on something a little more specific.

Something that really chaps my ass, when of my friends in a relationship says this about their significant other:

“He’s my best friend”

Normally when I hear people say this about their loved one, I brush it off but it’s one of my friends I have no choice but to suppress the massive side eye I want to give them. Isn’t it me that you’ve known since you were 10? Does the fact you that you get to bang twice a week close the 13 year gap when he wasn’t in your life? I’m so glad that after two years of knowing him you consider him to be closer to you than I am! Haven’t we spent countless night up on the phone sharing secrets? Aren’t I the one who consoled you when you two were having problems? Yea he’s seen you naked but I’m pretty sure I have to.

Enough said.

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