One of my dear friends happens to live in an apartment where her landlord controls her heat and because of this, according to her “my sexual activity greatly increases during the winter months, I like to use men for their heat” I assume she means body and otherwise.

When I’m not complaining about how hot it is, I’m usually complaining about how cold it is and that is why winter is my least favorite month.

99.  My mood is terrible from the months of November – late March

98. My social activity decreases to an embarrassingly low level

97. Not only can we control the heat in our apartment but I also have a personal space heater

96. and an electric blanket

95. and a snuggie

94. I sleep with them all on

93. All my normal socks have been replaced with fuzzy ones

92. I am forever grateful for my DVR and the hours I can spend watching house hunters international

91. Piping hot showers

90. My diet consists of 80% hot chocolate

89 – 1. Not shaving my legs


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