Tumblr musings

Drag Queens have the best description for their looks..

..they’re like “I’m giving you Beyoncé in 1984, on the beach, eating ice cream, during a thunderstorm.”

And it’s so convincing, I’ll be like “I see that!”

Simple Beauty


Is that cloud wallpaper? I really do like it if it is. I’m actually a huge fan of wallpaper in general. I know a lot of people find it weird and stuffy but I actually love it. When I was 16 I went to Versailles and saw wallpaper everywhere, on all the walls, ceilings etc. I FUCKING LOVED IT. Like hello? no paint, no mess, no drying time? and the patterns! oh.dear.

I might also have somewhat of a granny taste – I love old time decorations, Renaissance, baroque etc. WHY CANT I LIVE IN A CASTLE. Damn I’m heated about this shit.