What day is it?

Is anyone else confused by this time of the year? Anyways I’ve been in Florida since who knows when. It feels like forever. Here’s some of my favs IG posts since then. Enjoy and listen to the newest episode of the Comfort Zone.


Music Monday

Sorry everyone I know it’s officially Wednesday but I’m posting my music Monday today because it’s my blog and that’s what I feel like doing 😊

I am obsessed with this music video and Dababy In general. I’m not sure how he got his name but alas, it’s not important.


The First Day

So if any of you listen to my podcast (which you should) you’d know that we are starting a 30 day challenge.

Listen Here:

I’ve dedicated myself to writing everyday for 30 days, new posts, new content, new photos, NEW EVERYTHING! This is day one and yes this is probably a cop out because I’m just introducing the challenge but alas. It’s a post.

If you’re new here please feel free to scroll through my posts, catch up on my podcast, comment, like, etc.





Dating Karma

Has anyone every experience Dating Karma? I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about but don’t want to admit it. When you’ve done someone dirty and now you can’t find a man or women?

I know I’m not the only one who’s been through a rough time and wonder WTF IS UP WITH MY LUCK.

Listen up boo, it’s probably karma. Every struggled to get a man to speak to speak to you for more than 3 business days? karma. Had a good man slip through your fingers despite A+ behavior? karma. Your girl can’t stop cheating on you despite you giving her the world? karma. When you ask the Lord to sent you someone good and he does but that person doesn’t make you feel spicy? karma.

I feel your pain…