Review: Saving money

So I’m trying to be a grown up, and put away a little money for savings, for some traveling, buying a house a new bag, a Cartier ring, normal things — but it’s hard.

Living in a city is full of temptation, I want to go to brunch, I want to buy expensive sushi for lunch, take ubers everywhere and just generally be a bougie lady but alas, I need to be a savings Susie.

It’s hard when Beyonce is coming out with concert tickets, and headlining Coachella, Revolve has a new sale every day,  and there’s a new noodle restaurant opening down the street from me but sacrifices must be made. Since the invention of credit cards (way before I was born) I’ve struggled to not justify buying something I normally can’t afford and just make little itty bitty baby payments on it every month, which is why I’ve now found myself with an amazing 4 credit cards with a combined limit of well over $100,000 (thank you American Express). Swiping that amazing piece of plastic and watching those rewards (or free money as I like to look at it) build up is a feeling that cannot be beat.

Plus, my dad always said, good credit is super important so why wouldn’t I want to keep building it up?

On a serious note, saving money and being frugal sucks, but I’m sure one day when I’ve finally purchased my home in the south of Spain and I’m wearing 5 Cartier bracelets it’ll all be worth it.



Dear White People

Dear White People;

When you wear baggy jeans, sneakers and oversized jackets remember where that came from.

When you wear chains, large jewelry and sag your pants, remember where that came from.

When you have long nails,  nail art and hoop earrings and remember where that came from.

When you look at fashion and style today, just please remember where it came from and remember how you used to (and continue to) treat us and fucking remember where all your cool shit came from.

From Thought Catalog

But I think the bluntest people are people who understand what it is to feel nothing. They know that being numb is worse than getting hurt. Give me sweet. Give me sour. Give me something so hot it burns my tongue. As long as I can taste it, whatever that may be. As long as I’m not trapped in a never-ending blandness. It is something you can lose yourself in – that wondering when the not-feeling will end. 

Because when a blunt person gets hit head-on by a speeding freight train of feelings, the impact cannot just be ignored. The contrast is undeniable. Suddenly there are feelings that don’t fall into the buckets of apathy, indifference, lethargy, and aloofness a blunt person knows so well. Suddenly there is something to say.

And a blunt person is too smart to not know how rare, how special it is to have anything to say at all. To feel something that is worthy of words. Words that make you nauseous in a way that your first reaction is to try and hold them down because they make the room spin, but also in a way you know that deep down, letting go is necessary. That spewing is the only way you’ll find relief.

Because at their core, a blunt person is the most genuine kind of person you will ever meet. What they occasionally lack in tact, they will make up for in honesty and loyalty. A blunt person will tell you when they fall in love, and when they fall out of it. Because a blunt person refuses to live in anything other than reality, and they would never subject anyone else to living a lie or even so much as a half-truth. They know it’s just not possible to sustain. 

They’ve tried to manufacture feelings in the past, tried to fake their way into caring about the somethings or someones that looked good on paper, and found that despite all their efforts, there was just nothing there. And the only thing worse for a blunt person than faking feelings, is to fake not having them. To pretend the feelings just don’t exist after acutely experiencing their absence for so long. This is a blunt person’s worst nightmare.

Photos for the night

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Here we have a mix of some mysterious mountain range in Europe (yea I don’t remember where this is), Grand Central Station, Morocco art, a whiskey bar in DC, Hawaii, ace hotel in manhattan, Amsterdam, Hawaii again, acme restaurant and bar and a random bookshelf in an art gallery in TriBeCa.