It’s beginning to look a lot like I need to move to Florida.

Anybody who lives north of the mason Dixon line can tell you that even though it’s cold af out here. It’s only just beginning. Yes, although temperatures are dipping down to the 20’s it’s not even that cold. This is a roundabout way of me saying I hate the cold weather and basically everything that comes along with it.

Which means that I don’t like Christmas. Yes, I’m a grinch and I don’t care who knows it. Despite the fact that my friends, family and now all of you know this this friend dragged me to Dyker Beach? Or Dyker Heights? One of those places to see some Gaudí Christmas decorations and despite the fact that it took 20 minutes for me to feel my hands. I loved every second of it.

Shoutout to my friends for sending me their photos. My iPhone 8 takes photos that look like they were drawn by a turtle.

Happy Holidays


This time of year is my least favorite – I mean yes its my birthday month but Christmas and New Years are my LEAST favorite holidays. Why must we be joyous only one time of year? collect presents for children and donate cans to the food bank one time of year?? Why not always.


Anyways. I’m a Grinch, also I’m obsessed with sloths. They’re actually so cute and slow and when they poop it’s the cutest thing ever. I love them is the bottom line and I want to go to the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica and take care of them and play with them and love them forever. THE END.