The eternal struggle

I just had lunch with a co-worker of mine and were talking about our lives. I’m about to shoot a web series with an old stella adler friend and she  regularly shoot a series of great videos called 3 in 30 and we were both complaining. I never feel like traveling to GLENDALE FUCKING QUEENS FOR REHEARSAL WHICH IS LITERALLY AN HOUR AWAY FROM MY APARTMENT.

She has trouble often coming up with topics and was asked to do her 3 in 30’s on a radio show and didn’t want to commit to the once a week it would take, but we’re both ready for change.

Is this what people talk about when they don’t want to put in the work? would we rather sit at home applying for acting jobs and dreaming about making it big then when the time comes for the work, not put it in? It’s a very interesting concept and makes you think if more people just got off their asses and did shit maybe we would be more successful as a whole?

Another example, I write for 20some which requires me to just sit and be creative. Maybe move my fingers a little bit? so why do I always act like it’s such a burden. Writing and acting is what I want to do, I would like it to be my job!

Oh wait, maybe that’s why it’s a burden. I dunno.


oh dear.

Review: Interviewing

I’ve been interviewing for a new job and its really bringing back old memories of my former hustle Now that I’m older and so much wiser its really hard for me to not answer these interview questions honestly.

What are my weaknesses? Consistently being 1-9 minutes late (never more than 10, that would be unprofessional). Strengths include being able to look like I’m actually doing work when in reality I’m watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. What would I bring to the team? A level of profanity previously unheard of in the work environment and a very impressive snack drawer when my co-workers blood sugar starts to drop a little low. In the next 5 years I see myself on a yacht showering in Dom and playing with my baby liger.

image1 (my snack drawer, I wasn’t lying)