Review: Coachella

Yes, I’m late, but as pre-sale tickets have recently sold out I thought I’d reflect on my first Coachella experience.

First of all Coachella is beautiful, like really, really pretty, almost unreal, and although Palm Springs is a pain to get to its totally worth it. If any of you ragers out there have purchased tickets I highly suggest getting a house like now. Unless you like camping, dusty storms and sleeping on the ground. Plus after a long day of raging who doesn’t want to come home, take a nice shower and settle down with a nice cup of easy mac. Once you’ve secured your house, you’ll need to get started on your outfits. My suggestion is to go with something small and that you don’t mind getting dirty, lets remember you are in the dessert where temperatures regularly go above 100 degrees and in a place where porta potty explosions are not an uncommon occurrence.

Another suggestion: Take at least 2 days off when you get back, if you’re like me and an east coast dweller when you come back you’re body will have a had time not only adjusting to the time difference but the weather as well. The day I flew back to New York from Coachella it was rainy and 30 degrees, needless to say I was not a happy camper. Be prepared to go through serious Coachella withdrawals, symptoms include, stalking social media for information regarding week 2, re-listening to all your favorite sets on SoundCloud and excessive napping.

Godspeed my ragers!

Review: Watching TV

So I’ll be moving in a few weeks and I’m trying to explain to my parents the importance of having a TV in my room.

Watching TV for me is like therapy. For two hours a day, six when I was unemployed, I was transported to another land. A land of Kardashians, Mob Wives and Duck Dynasty. I forgot my troubles of being a 22 year old unemployed college graduate who was in $30,000 worth of debt and no way to pay it back (thanks so mom and dad it’s now down to $27,000, yay!). When you’re watching TV time stands still and it moves forward, your mind is still but it’s also running at 1,000 miles an hour. There’s nothing like snuggling up in bed, fixing yourself a delicious snack, settling into a neck pillow and having a four hour Law and Order: SVU marathon for an entire afternoon.

Review: YouTube

I’ve always hated the phrase “Have you guys seen that one video on YouTube?”  I have never seen that “one video” they were talking about. I was always so against YouTube and it’s never ending supply of cat videos. However, when you’re unemployed and your bedtime slowly creeps closer and closer to sunrise, you have to find a way to entertain yourself, and, that way is YouTube. Only on YouTube can you go from watching a montage of Blake Griffin dunk videos, to a Jimmy Fallon skit, to a Breakfast club interview of ASAP Rocky. You know that column on the right hand side of the screen? Don’t look at it because before you know it, it’ll be 3 a.m. and you’ll be watching a video of a squirrel eating a lemon.

Just in case you’re interested:

Review: Lil Wayne

Review: Lil Wayne

Call him Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi, or Lil Wayne, Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr. is the greatest rapper alive and my personal favorite. There are many reasons why he is the absolute best.

He has an auto-tune sound without using auto-tune. Thanks to year of drinking sizzurp, Wayne’s voice has taken on an almost mechanical sound, quite soothing to an avid Weezy fan like myself. Take a listen to “30 minutes to New Orleans”. “Cascades”, or “Demolition Freestyle Part 1” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

He’s actually a comedian.

His lyrics are out of this world, whimsical and non-nonsensical. He’s said it many times, even naming two of his albums, “I am not a human being”. He is not of this world, and his lyrics prove just that. Lets take a look at a few of my favorites.

Lost: By Gorilla Zoe ft. Lil Wayne

“Imma need counseling, I lost my mind and still haven’t found it, I used to be so well-rounded. But now I tiptoe on hell’s boundaries. F-F-F Baby aka Crazy, trapped in a maze therefore I am amazing”

Yes. you are amazing.

6 Foot, 7 Foot: Lil Wayne

“Real G’s move in silence like lasagna… Women of my dream, I don’t sleep so I can’t find her”

Get it? the g in lasagna is silent!, so clever.

Ain’t I: Jae Milz ft. Lil Wayne

“I’ll put you where the fishes sleep and when they wake you’ll be the fishes feast”

whoo, scary Wayne, very scary.

La La: Lil Wayne  ft. Busta Ryhmes, Brisco

” See ya’llare at ground, and my daughter is my sky. I swear I look in her face and I just want to break out and fly. Four tears in my face and you ain’t never heard me cry, I’m richer than all ya’ll I got a bank full of pride”

Tricky tricky wayne. Very tricky.

I honestly could go on about how awesome he is and how clever he lyrics are but instead I will be dedicating Wednesdays to his lyrical genius.
Welcome to Wayne Wednesday’s.