“Black Mirror” ep1

I might be a little behind on the times but I just started watching Black Mirror on Netflix and sadly I am hooked. I’m a but of a TV hoe and this is like the sweetest of all sweet spots. Contrary to what I thought, this is not a show about how social media ruins people’s lives (is that a real thing?). But anyway – let’s dig right into episode 1 – the one where the world is run by social media and perception aka present day America.

So we start off with our main character – let’s just call her Jessica, and Jessica is a real basic bitch.

Image result for regina george

But with a little bit of a shy side

Image result for hiding gif

So the episode opens up with her running and this bitch is on her fucking fun, swiping left, swiping right, up, down and all around. Like hello can you pay attention to the road please?

Image result for furiously typing on phone

So she finally takes a break and we see she’s rating people non-stop, so I’m like ok, maybe she’s looking for a hot date. Whatever. Next scene, she’s still on her phone, swiping again, cut again to some bakery and EVERYONE IS ON THEIR PHONE, swipe, swipe, swipe. Very confused at this point.

Finally Jessica sits down and starts to eat her breakfast, but not before she takes another damn photo.


and we see that she’s updating it to her profile and waiting for people to star it, so her rating can go up or down. Then she looks up and we finally see that everyone has a little rating next to their face and with each interaction you rate someone 1-5 stars and with each rating your score goes up or down.

So Jessica – clearly is trying to get more points with each interaction – boost her score and therefore become more likeable.


So she goes to work – at this weird ass place and one of her co-workers comes in looking frazzled AF.


He has a tray full of smoothies and is trying to win back everyone’s hearts after a bad break-up with his BF, where clearly everyone took the BF’s side.


We find out through some whispers that if his score goes below like a 2.8 he won’t be able to get into the building or something. So now we see, the stakes are HIGH in this game we call life.

Back at home things with Jessica are rough – she lives with her brother who is like a 3.7 (while Jessica is a 4.2) and she’s trying to get into this super cool housing program where you need at least a 4.5 or higher to be accepted.


All very confusing. Anyways – Jessica is like on a mission to make sure people like her and meets with some numbers advisor so see what will make people like her. “be genuine” he says.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 2.34.52 PM.png


Image result for girl rolling her eyes

So she continues to be the fuck hoe that she is and sucks up to every person she see’s, yet in a moment of weakness she decides to post a photo of this ugly ass stuffed animal she keeps on her desk.


So she uploads this monstrosity and this random girl Lauren Nicole or whatever likes it and she’s super pumped. Next scene she’s cooking some weird eggplant looking stuff and Lauren facetimes her.

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SO it turns out that Lauren is like a 4.5 or something and that they used to be friends and now Lauren wants Jessica to be her maid of honor, even though they haven’t spoken in like forever and her brother is like ‘yo jessica are you for real?, you’re gonna fly to this tiny ass island and be her maid of honor even though she was a big fat bitch to you?’ and Jessice ala Lacey (I just remembered her name) is like yup.



So the day comes when its time for her to leave and this is where things start to go down for Lacey and the beginning on her great descent.

  • Her little score point thing starts to go down because she
    • bitches out a TSA employee
    • run’s into a 4.8 and causes her to spill her drink
    • misses her first taxi
    • chats like a whiny bitch on the phone the whole 2nd taxi ride

SO now she has to rent a car and drive 9 hours to the island in a shit ass car because her score is so low.


So she’s driving but this car is old as fuck and she doesn’t get very far, the car gives out and she has to hitchhike. BUT because her score is now like a 2.3 or whatever no one will help her. Until we meet, Olga (not sure if that’s her real name)


and her score is literally like a 1.2 and Lacey is like


Please don’t kill me but ok. So they’re driving along and Olga is telling her about how she used to be a 4.7 then her husband got sick and she basically lost her mind (and her score) and how Lacey should just fuck the man, and Lacey’s like.


So finally Olga’s like ‘ok I’m going this way so you gotta go, but good luck at the wedding’. So Lacey is getting ready to arrive at the wedding and Lauren calls her and is like ‘sorry your score is too low to speak at my wedding, I only wanted you because a low 4 was good for my image blah blah’ and Lacey is like.


I will show up at you wedding anyway. And that’s just what she does. Only instead of looking like this.


She looked like this


And those high 4’s were not impressed.

She proceeds to give a very truthful speech about how Lauren is basically a fuck hoe, who always puts her friends down etc. etc. THEN when Lauren’s husband tries to stop her she threatens to stab everyone.


At this point the police are called, Lacey is thrown in jail and she is finally without her phone thing.



So now she’s locked up in jail and starts stripping.


Then this guys across the way starts yelling at her and they get into a weird yelling match, but they realize they can say whatever they want and not worry about getting rated.


It’s all very liberating and telling of the times and just a great episode/show overall and very telling of our society as a whole.

The End.

Review: Girl on the Train

Warning: Spoilers ahead


So the other day I went to see Girl on the Train, starring Emily Blunt, 2 blond girls and 3 dark haired guys


side note: there were no black people in the film.

Anyways the movie starts out and Emily Blunt is a MESS.


She’s drinking everyday on the train.


Like everyday.


Like one scene this women comes to sit down next to her and she tries to be like ‘omg your baby is so cute can I touch him’

Image result for sloppy girl

and the mom is like yo, you are WASTED at like 2:30pm no.

Image result for concerned mom

So we see this for a little bit, then we realize that not only is Emily a hot ass mess but she’s also a bit of a peeping Tom. She stares at this one super hot average couple like everyday.

Image result for peeping tom

She’s like obsessed with them and watches them all the time and is like “wow they have a love that like everyone wants blah blah”, they’re perfect and amazing, but of course they’re actually not, she’s seeing a therapist because apparently her husband is crazay and controlling etc.

Image result for someone on a therapists couch

Another sidenote, if any of you have ever ridden on those Metro North trains you can hardly see into people’s homes,unless it’s going super slow. So I’d just like to point that out.


Image result for question marks



We also find out that Emily is particularly fascinated with these amazing couple because they live right down the street from her ex and his new hoe, who we will call blond girl #1

Image result for blonde girl whipping her hair gif

Now shit gets real,  Emily is a fucking mess because her husband cheated on her with blond girl #1 and moved her into the house and it drove Emily to drink and be fucking insane.

Image result for crazed person

So now things start to make sense, she rides the train to the city everyday to pass by her old house where her old boo and new boo thang are together and to stare at the new young hot couple that she wishes was her.

Image result for arrows going in different directions

Got it?

So one day Emily is being her usual peeping tom self on the train

Image result for peeping tom

and she see’s something that sets her the fuck off, it’s blond girl #2 with someone who is NOT her man.

She fucking loses it and like almost gets off the train, but decides against it I think, but nevertheless is like really fucking upset.

Image result for rage gif

So she gets to the city, or wherever and is like lets. fucking. party. and proceeds to get wasted with her friends.

Image result for partying gif

Like she is hammertime.

Image result for mc hammer gif

So she gets back on the train, and is quickly approaching the stop where both blonde girl #1 and #2 live AND SHE GETS OFF.


Image result for red alert

At one point she thinks she see’s blonde girl #1 who’s now married to her ex and FOLLOWS HER UNDER A BRIDGE, and of course like any good movie, the screen goes to a blackout.

Image result for shocked child

and everyone in the theater (or at least me, because I didn’t read the book) is like.

Image result for shocked child

What. is. happening.

So the next day or whatever, Emily wakes up in her room and she is like a disaster. Like I know I said she was a mess before but this bitch is on a whole new level of fucked-upness.

She’s bruised, barf in her hair, blood, clothes tattered, eyes bloodshot, like not even if your worst blackout have you woken up looking like this.


So she’s like oh sweet baby Jesus wtf did I do.


So at this point I think she tries to give up drinking? I can’t exactly remember, you know how the middles of these movies get a little fuzzy but I do know for a fact several things happen.

  1. she starts going to AA
  2. We find out she just rides the train back and forth, and doesn’t actually have a real job
  3. Her roommate tells her she has to leave
  4. She randomly tries to steal blonde girl #1’s baby
  5. Blonde girl #2 is found missing, then dead
  6. Turns out blond girl #2 was having an affair with her therapist

So we start getting into a bit of the story and we see flash backs of Emily’s marriage with her old boo and it’s not good. They try to get pregnant (which btw I hate that phrase, it was just her trying to get pregnant, it’s not like he’s carrying the child) so she’s trying to get pregnant and she can’t so it kind of leads her to drink and she becomes a slopfest galore and we also get flashbacks of blond girl #2 with her therapist and see how she like slowly seduces him and it’s all very sad.

Image result for sad animal

So at this point the police have questioned Emily and her roommate is like you are actually worse than I thought and you MUST leave now – so logically Emily goes to the dead blonde girls husband and is like “hey I used to be your wives friend, she was having an affair with someone, I saw it from the train (red flag) I think I can help, and like the dumbass he is, the husband is like yea, sure whatever, COOL.

Image result for sad animal

Fucking idiot. because clearly Emily was never friends with your wife and also does not have a job.

So they kind of become friends and she starts hanging around his house AND let me also add that this whole time Emily is obsessively calling her ex husband, like 27 times a day, calling the house, the whole nine yards. Ok back to present so yes, Emily starts hanging with the dead girls husband and one day he eventually finds out that she’s basically cray and was seen getting off the train in the same area as where his wife was found dead.


That’s right bitches, the blackout that we didn’t see was actually Emily seeing a blonde girl, and running after her, then blacking out. A mere 20 mins later blonde girl #2 was found dead in the woods. So now Emily is like

Image result for surprised animal  Was that me?

But she can’t remember because she’s in a constant state of drunkenness. So in a strange twist she starts going to the therapist that blonde girl #2 was having an affair with (because why not?) and stops drinking and slowly starts to get her shit together. So one day she’s taking the train home and runs into her ex’s old boss and she’s like ‘Hey girl, I’m so sorry about ruining your party that one time” and the boss is like listen hoe, ain’t no thang your husband was a fuckboi supreme, we’re so glad you gt rid of him especially since he was fucking everything that walked’


Image result for surprised animal gif

She’s like holy shit – that time when I thought I came after him with a golf club, it was HIM

That time when I got drunk at the bosses holiday party and thought I ruined everything, it was HIM

He twisted all me memories and made me think I was having a 2007 Britney Spears meltdown but in fact it was him that was le worst.


It’s about to be on and poppin.

MEANWHILE back in sweet town USA, Blond girl #1 who is now married to Emily’s ex is doing what all side pieces turned main pieces do….snooping.

Image result for snooping gif

So she finds a burner phone in his bag which is like dead giveaway #1 that you’re creeping while she’s sleeping and she goes to check the messages AND LO AND MOTHERFUCKING BEHOLD THE VOICEMAIL BOX BELONGS TO DEAD BLONDE GIRL #2.

Now if you’re like me at this point you are confused AF. so I’ll break it down for youScreen Shot 2016-10-20 at 3.09.02 PM.png

Emily’s ex was having an affair first with blonde girl #1 and now with blonde girl #2 – blonde girl #2 is dead, why else would the ex have a dead girls phone? oh that’s right. Because he killed her.

Now this review has already gone on long enough so let me wrap it up, in the following order here’s what happens next.

  1. At the same time that blonde girl #1 realizes her husband killed blonde #2 so does Emily
  2. Emily (after coming to the realization that her husband is an abusive psychopath) tries to come and warn #1 about the abuse
  3. We get a flashback that confirms that the ex did in fact kill #2 because she was pregnant with his baby and he doesn’t want it.
  4. Emily comes to the house to warn #1 about her husbands shitty ways
  5. The ex knocks the shit out of Emily and tries to kill her
  6. Emily ends up killing the husband while #1 watches
  7. Big fucking sigh of relief.

Image result for rihanna reaction gif tumblr


And that ladies and gentlemen is Girl on the Train.



Therese Raquin – the abridged version

My co-worker has some sort of cool subscription to plays around New York City and sometimes she asks me to go with her!

Most recently we saw Therese Raquin with Kiera Knightley. This is the rundown.

We start off with Therese

a solemn little girl who doesn’t like to talk too much. I think she was walking by a river when the scene opens? but I can’t remember.

We also get introduced to her annoying “brother”/ friend/ cousin

who has some sort of a peg leg situation and her mom.

She’s not really a nun but this is how she was dressed the whole time.

Now the play was super long and I kind of spaced out at many points because the lead guy was SUPER cute, but that besides the point.

Therese’s nun mom is like ok you and your brother – friend need to get married because it’ll be good for all of us and he has some money somewhere and we’re broke AF.

and Therese is like

I don’t want to marry this young old man (name Camille). We grew up together, he has a weird peg leg and I don’t like him at all.

And her mom is like


Didn’t I just tell you we didn’t have any money.

and she’s like fine.

So they get married, she is NOT happy.

Camille decides he wants them to move to Paris so he can pursue a better career or whatever.

So they move into a new house and Therese is like I fucking hate this shit.

I’m lonely, my husband and weird and I have no friends. So Camille decides to invite some of his old army friends over, including his old BFF – Laurent.

So he walks into the house and she’s like

Oh dear.

Sweet Lord.

I’m in trouble.

SO basically they begin a torrid affair sneaking around


knocking boots in the house, in the streets and his place everywhere basically.

After some time she’s like “ok Laurent we cool and everything but I cannot keep doing this, we gotta make it official”. BUT keep in mind this is the old days so you can’t get divorced. What shall we do?


“Let’s kill Camille, we can go to the river because this little man can’t swim, we’ll push him into the river and he’ll drown!” So they go to the river and their all bopping around in the canoe and the moment of truth comes and they push him in and he drowns.

They have a funeral and it’s super sad blahblah. Some time passes and eventually Laurent is like wtf I’m tired of waiting I wanna get married and Therese is like I know but it can’t be our idea it has to be their idea. SO for now we wait.


Then FINALLY Therese’s aunt/guardian nun is like you should get re-married to LAURENT! Camille would want you to be happy.

and Laurent is like

At. Last.

And they’re trying to play it cool but inside Therese’s like

It’s my time to shine!

So they get married and everyone is so happy.

But then shit begins to hit the fan and they both begin to be haunted by Camille’s ghost.

They can’t sleep, can’t eat and can’t even bang. They are worn the f out.

So eventually they’re like, “Welp I guess we made a mistake we shouldn’t have killed him” .AND LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD THE AUNT/NUN IS LISTENING IN AND HEARS THEM TALKING.

So Laurent is like – this bitch has to go

And because Therese is an angel she’s like nope, we’ll just keep her here. For some reason at this point the nun-aunt is also mute? like she had a stroke or something I can’t remember why but she can’t talk or walk or feed herself so she’s basically a prisoner in the house. Anyways, I think she eventually dies. Or she definitely does, I can’t recall. But moving on – Laurent starts drinking heavily, because he’s like what did I get myself into, I killed my bff for this shit.

and Therese is like, “I did not kill my husband for this shit, I’m gonna just have to kill this man because he is really a hot mess.”

So the time comes when she’s like alright this is it – she lures him into the bedroom and  goes to poison him I think? but he’s like AHA BITCH I WAS ABOUT TO KILL YOU TOO!


So at this point they’re like ok – obviously we’re both miserable and we cannot move past this so let’s just drink this poison and die romeo and Juliet style.

The End.








A month ago my boss told me to enter a contest to win tickets to Jimmy Kimmel in Brooklyn.

A week ago I found out I won tickets to see Kimmel.

5 days ago I went to see Jimmy Kimmel – Jay-Z was the guest, Donald Trump cancelled. Jay-z gave everybody in the audience tickets to the Tidal music show at Barclays. While at the show I saw Jay-z, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, T.I., Flatbush Zombies, Young Dro, Baes, Justine Sky, Rick Ross, French Montana and more.

These are one of the many reasons I am starting to fall in love with New York again.

Jimmy Kimmel was amazing, he was kind, funny and (late). It was amazing.

All you can drink Karoke is NEVER a good idea

Japas 38, on 38th and Madison is an all you can eat, all you can drink Karaoke bar. For just $35 per person you and your closest friends can sing, drink, eat and dance for 2-3 hours. While this sounds like a great deal, I highly suggest you stay away, not because it’s not fun but rather because it’s too much fun.

For some reason despite being able to afford my rent, groceries and my own metro card I cannot control myself when it comes to an open bar + food. Whenever the opportunity presents itself I will eat and drink like I’m about to cross the Sahara Desert. My friend recently turned 25 and decided she wanted to hit up Japas for her birthday. We had a lot of college friends coming from out of town and thought this would be the best way to save money and have a guaranteed fun night out.

Japas is a great meeting spot for large parties of people; they have private rooms, appetizer platters, beer, wine, sake and are even kind of enough to provide jugs of water for the drunk patrons. Party packages start at $35 per person for 2 hours and extensions can be added for an additional $15-$25 depending on how much longer you’d like to stay.

Our party package began at 7 and by 7:05 we were balls deep in sake bombs, sushi and French fries. We started off the evening with a sultry rendition of Birthday Sex to break the ice and celebrate the occasion. After several rounds of sake bombs a few California rolls, some spring rolls and white wine to keep it classy we were belting out Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Eminem and Vanessa Carlton.

The thing about this place is that while it’s a great deal and a lot of fun, singing karaoke while drinking is kind of like playing a soccer game and hydrating yourself with mixed drinks, and instead of eating power bars to refuel your body you have sushi and French fries. It’s not cute. Beer + wine + chicken fingers and a hot room = a drunk group of people with no hope.

Logically we decided that we needed to continue drinking at a bar across the street and another one down the street and one more just for good measure, because a 3-hour open bar wasn’t enough for us.

I ended up on the ground after my friends decided to carry me out the bar on his back, I later regained my composure and tried to re enter the bar when the bartender kindly told me “I don’t think it’s a good idea if you come back in” – truer words have never been spoken and that’s when we knew the night was over.

Review: Purpose

Purpose: the reason for which something exists or is done, made or used, an intended or desired results; end; aim or goal.

I remember years ago when I was in high school I would rush home after the final bell so I could be home to watch Oprah at 4 p.m. It was literally the highlight of my day. There was one show in particular she did talking about purpose and your life’s purpose and how until she found her purpose she was just living life, instead of living life. There’s a difference.

When you do not have a purpose you’re lost, mentally, emotionally all of the above. I don’t want to say you begin acting out, but you do. There are stages; since you have not found yourself or who you are, you go looking in different places. Whether it’s a bar for a drink, a Bloomingdales, solace in your room with a TV remote or home with a stranger. The aimless wandering through life is much different than the enjoyment of life. The person who doesn’t have their purpose is selfish, they are trying to find themselves so they do not have time for anybody else. How was your day? What new stuff are you working on? Any plans this weekend? These are not things you will hear from this person. The person who doesn’t have their purpose is reckless; they don’t have a bigger picture for their life so all that matters is the now. What will bring me the most pleasure now? What will make for the best story tomorrow? What will make me feel good now, look the best now. They want what they want, when they want it with no regards on how it will affect the future. The person who doesn’t have their purpose has no compassion; this might have come off as a little harsh, what I mean is that they have trouble empathizing with others. When someone makes sacrifice in their life to fulfill their purpose, pinching pennies to travel abroad and teach underprivileged children, moving to a small town because they want to break into the news scene, or quitting your job to pursue a career in writing some people might not understand. Some people won’t get it.

People will ask “Why are you leaving your great career?”, “How are you going to accomplish all of this?”, “What if you meet someone?”, “How are you ever going to save enough money to buy a house?”. Sometimes your purpose doesn’t fall within the ‘norm’, you might not have a 9-5, or a nuclear family with 2.5 children, a dog and a husband, you probably won’t float along the path of life that everybody else does, you might break out and be a little different but that’s ok because at least you’re working towards a goal, a goal that makes you happy, fulfilled and gives you a reason to get up in the morning. Makes you excited about life, about meeting new people, doing new things, taking risks and living.

How to shop in NYC without breaking the bank

Business Insider, Huffington Post, CBS News and every single real estate blog ever lists New York City as one of the most expensive cities to live in. Although I don’t have any officially legit stats, I can tell you that there is no reason anybody should have to pay $3,500 for a one-bedroom, then split that one bedroom into three (source: my first New York apartment). I’ve since moved on from that nightmare, but I do have friends paying $3,500 for a studio and $3,800 for a two-bedroom.

The point is… living here is expensive. Luckily, there are so many ways to save money shopping online. This is a list for those of us who can’t help but get glossy-eyed when walking past the boutiques of Soho. For those of you who plan your entire year’s wardrobe on the amount of your tax refunds, this list is for you.

In a city with 8.4 million people, I personally prefer to online shop, saving me time, money, and peace of mind. My two personal favorites are Tobi and Gilt. Tobi often has holiday sales (get ready for cyber Monday), offers 20 percent discounts to new members, and prices range from $20-$50 for everything, including dresses, tops, swimsuits, and shoes. Tobi clothing items currently make up about 20 percent of my wardrobe so it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. Gilt is especially deadly for me because they have a mobile app that alerts you whenever a new sale starts (noon) and they carry a ton of great designers whose clothing I couldn’t usually afford.

For those of you who are brave enough to venture outside the comfort of your homes, here is a little breakdown of my personal favorites by neighborhood.

Financial District

My first New York apartment was located on West Street, aka the tip of Manhattan. I had heard things about living in FiDi, mainly that there was nothing to do there. So when I first moved (without a job), I made it my mission to find anything exciting I could. I remembered once upon a time when I was in college venturing downtown to visit a Century 21 and returning home with five bags of sweaters so I set out to find 22 Cortlandt Street in search of a deal. There it was in all its glory, six levels, sunglasses, handbags, socks, hats, literally everything you could ever want and all at the right price.


If you ever happen to be in Soho aka the land of the unaffordable, fret no more for I have found the solution. Repeat after me: Necessary Clothing and Brandy Melville.

My friend discovered Necessary Clothing – located at 442 Broadway (Howard & Broadway) on her daily walk home from work. After she switched jobs (and walking routes) she discovered Brandy Melville – located at 44 Prince Street (at the corner of Mulberry and Prince). In addition to these two gems, if you’re ever looking for some jewelry, check out the vendors right across the street, not only do they accept credit cards but ask for Gita and she will give you a great deal (shhhh).

Upper East Side

I highly suggest you come downtown, besides the occasional H&M, I’ve never bought anything from this area, butt here is a Magnolia inside the Bloomingdale’s on 59th and 3rd that’s worth going if you’re in the area.


Despite being a total tourist trap, midtown has a few places I like to visit during my lunch break. There’s everybody’s favorite Forever 21, Urban Outfitters (during a sale obviously) and Mango, which always seems to have 30 percent off on tops. In terms of lesser-known stores for jewelry, I love Cinderella Club. Don’t be intimidated by the never-ending walls of jewelry, or fooled by the fairy tale name, this store literally has everything: headbands, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, toe rings, and yes tongue rings as well… if you’re into that.

Union Square

If you’re in Union Square, there is only one place you should be and that is Nordstrom’s Rack. Shoes, handbags, underwear, pajamas, they even carry beauty products and perfumes so there’s really no need. Unless of course you need a great pair of shoes, then I would highly suggest going to Strawberry. Both of course are located on 14th street right outside of the Union Square Metro.

Happy Shopping!

Review: Religious Parents

The City of Alachua Florida has a population of 9,378 and is located northwest of the city of Gainesville Florida, home to the Florida Gators. This is where my parents grew up and like the majority of African – American families in the area they were Southern Baptist. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular denomination think, large church hats, super long church services, Sunday school and lively choirs.

Another very distinct aspect of Baptist religion is the nonexistence of separation between home life and church life. Religion is life and life is religion, prayers are said before bed, before meals, first thing in the morning and often throughout the day, not in the open but rather just a check in between you and God. While is church on Sunday is doesn’t just end there, Sunday school is after church, Bible Study is during the week, rehearsals for church plays are after school and prayer groups meet every day.

This is the environment that my parents were born and raised in, and this is the environment they tried to recreate for my brother and I growing up in D.C., a place where progressive ideas live.

For this particular sect of Christianity, modesty is everything and not always in the traditional sense like Hasidic Judaism or Islam, but it is still present through all aspects of life. Whether it is by your dress, your language, or your interactions with the opposite sex (especially for girls), the teachings of the Bible and beliefs of the church snake their way into every part of your life.

I distinctly remember asking my mother why I couldn’t curse and she said to me “You cannot curse and say vile things out of the same mouth that you use to praise the Lord with” that was the end of that and I didn’t say my first curse word until 5 years later, and well over 3,000 miles away from my parents and God.

With the expectation of going to 8 a.m. church every Sunday having any sort of social life in High School especially on a Saturday night is pretty much impossible unless you are willing and able to be awake at 7 a.m. in order to be on time to church, and NOT fall asleep during the almost 2 hour service. Sitting in hot stuffy church listening to the preacher ramble on about how basically everything you’re doing is was wrong? Not exactly a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Instead of going out with friends Christians should be gathering disciples for the church, reality TV? Don’t fill your mind with people acting out and against God’s will. Alcohol? Or the Devils juice? Boys? Yes, that’s fine, as long as you’re holding hands and growing in Christ together. You guys can definitely have sex after you’ve completed pre- marriage counseling and been married, in the church.

Abortion, gay rights, sex before marriage, drinking, drugs, kids outside of marriage, partying, cursing, everything that people my age had no problems with was condemned and frowned upon. Week after week I would listen to the preacher talk about how Christians were the saved ones, we had God’s favor, and we would live eternally in Heaven with the Lord. Looking back on it I’m not sure if I am the introverted person I am today because I was too scared to go out and live my life because of the Church or if that’s just the way I am.

Being terrified to disappoint God and not get to join your family in heaven can do a lot of things to a person. Not wanting to go out and have God see you sinning, thinking that every bad thing that happened in your life as God punishing you for doing wrong, maybe you didn’t pray hard enough that night, or pay enough attention in church last Sunday. Everything becomes a checks and balance system and life becomes not about doing things that you enjoy or that make you happy but rather following a set of rules (or so you think) that will please God and therefore get you into Heaven. However, everyone has a breaking point, even Christians, when they realize that you will not be struck down if you decide to take a sip of alcohol and you won’t be burdened by guilt if you drop an f bomb every now and then. God is not supposed to be a scary rule keeper who slams down a hand of judgment and condemns people to hell and church shouldn’t be something you have to dread or force yourself to stay awake for. After many years, a few of which I totally abandoned organized religion all together, I’ve come around to be a less intense version of my parents, but in the end I’m thankful for all the things they taught me and all the rules the imposed on me today, and I often wonder. When it comes to raising my own children, how will I be?

First Comes Love – Katie Kacvinsky

“I crave space. It charges my batteries. It helps me breathe. Being around people can be so exhausting, because most of them love to take and barely know how to give. Except for a rare few”

Out of all the books, articles and quotes I’ve read about introversion this is the most accurate one. According to dictionary.com introverts “tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings and minimize their contact with other people”. This seems a little harsh; it makes us introverts sound like antisocial hermits, when that is in fact not the case. I like to think of it as an hour glass – every moment that you’re around people the hour glass is tipped slowly running out of sand. When you feel your hourglass getting empty you need to retreat, whether it be at home, a long ride on the subway with some headphones or even a park. You just need to be alone and tip the glass to the other side.
Doesn’t mean we don’t want to hang out, doesn’t mean we don’t like you (most of the time) doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to be out partying, it must means we need a second. It’s a weird feeling, to physically feel yourself being drained of your energy and to know when it will all be used up.
Introverts can be quite social actually and love conversation, especially about the deeper things in life. Nothing pains us more than small talk, ask any introvert and I guarantee they will tell you. We would rather sit and you and stare in silence than playing the ‘getting to know you’ game. Let’s not just talk about the dream you had last night, let’s explore the metaphors in the dream and what their connections might be to your life at this very moment. Why not pull out a dream dictionary and do a full on analysis, then we can have a discussion about the manifestations of your undiscovered passions in the dream and what you can do to work towards those goals!
Although it might come off a creepy and intrusive please understand it’s not. This is just the way we are! We care and want you to do the same. If you don’t ask, we won’t tell – that’s just the way we are
This is how conversations usually go on Fridays at the office:
Someone: what are your plans for the weekend?
me: who knows
me: (i know)
me: (I’m not leaving the house)
Most of us need to mentally prepare for nights out on the town, for example if I know that’s a friend’s birthday party on Saturday I’ll really try to lay low for the week, going to bed early, tucking my phone away as soon as I get home, walking around with headphones and no music to avoid talking to people, the usual. By Saturday night I’m ready to go, usually staying out until 4am, socializing, taking jokes even going to brunch the next day and participating in Sunday Funday (see I can be fun!). However come Monday don’t expect me to be anything less than a vegetable

Reveiw creative people or the word artist

An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art practicing the arts and/or demonstrating an art.

I was watching a Noisey documentary the other day about A$AP Rocky and he kept referring to himself as an artist and I thought to myself, yes. This is someone who is an artist. Not only is he a rapper, but makes his own beats and is basically a walking work of art (have you seen him ever not dressed head to toe? also his instagram) That is an artist, everything about you is expressive, everything you put out is thought out, meaningful and original.

I feel the same way about Rihanna, I think she is literally a walking masterpiece and although you may not agree with everything she wears, does or says I think her life is art.

I feel like a lot of creative people are like this, maybe you’re an actor, but you also  love architecture and could get lost in a clothing store putting together the perfect outfit. Not because you’re vain (ok maybe a little) but because you want to make sure your clothing really, truly expresses you, your attitude, your thoughts, your dreams and aspirations and especially your mood. That’s why I always find it so difficult when people ask me about my style, its always changing.

One day I might feel like a high schooler on the beaches of Florida and wear the smallest article of clothing I can find, sometimes I’ve feeling regal and want to bury myself in a turtle neck and sensible boots, and other days I feel like a college girl whose had too many shots and we know where that leads. The point is creative people create many things and appreciate art and beauty whether it be in a painting, a blog, a nail polish color, even a beautiful plate of food.